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At mid-night on December 31st, 2001 (EST) I will award 300 Postcards to the 2001 Club Member who has won the most Postcards during the year. There will be some runner-up winning Postcards given out also.

2001 Club Standings

What are the contests?!! What are the rules?!! Read about them carefully below:


Quizzes will be sent out to the list at various times and correct answers will win postcards of different amounts and topics.

WOOF contest

'An ongoing contest'

If I send a message to the list and you see "Charlie" and "awake" anywhere in that message...

...then hit reply and type in WOOF.

The first WOOF I recieve in my "inbox" is the winner. If two or more come in at the same time - no split on ties - I will award 4 postcards to each. Remember, just the one word:


As I said before, if messages get hung-up in cyberspace (onelist messages sometimes get delayed) I still award the WOOF to the first WOOF recieved in my inbox.

One other thing... your reply must be within 1 hour from when I sent the message. I judge the reply time by the time it comes in my mail box.

I understand some mail servers might work differently. Any problems with this - let me know.


Saturday Lotto
(starting November 20th 1999)

We have a 5 number lotto. Two (2) correct numbers will win 1 postcard; 3 correct numbers wins 8 postcards, 4 correct numbers wins 100 postcards and all 5 correct numbers wins 500 Postcards. Pick numbers between 1 and 26 (one of each). Saturdays only!

Daily Lotto

LOTTO We are playing 3 numbers on Sunday thru Friday. You may submit 2 sets of numbers on Sunday. Pick any 3 numbers from 0 thru 9 - all different, all the same nr or 2 the same, one diff, etc. Send your lotto numbers so they get to me by midnite (EST) On Saturday we are playing 5 numbers from 1 thru 26 including the nr 26. Select 5 different numbers here. IF YOU GUESS ON THE DAILY LOTTO (3 numbers): 2 correct numbers you win 4 postcards 3 correct numbers out of order you win 20 postcards 3 correct numbers in the correct order you win 100 postcards IF YOU GUESS ON THE SATURDAY LOTTO (5 numbers): 2 correct numbers you win 1 postcard 3 correct numbers you win 8 postcards 4 correct numbers you win 100 postcards 5 correct numbers you win 500 postcards


Debbie will post a group of numbers daily, all in one email. Only use PCARD BINGO cards, which she will send via email.

Announce to the list via email, when you win, by putting BINGO!! in the subject line. Include your winning numbers and the number of your bingo card (found at the bottom).

You do not have to be on line to win, however, you must announce that you are a winner either before the next game begins, or within 48 hours of the post that included your winning numbers.

Bingo winners win randomly chosen postcards......different amounts for different games, starting with 5 winning cards for a straight line bingo. The cards could be any style, type or size, and from any category. Sometimes there will be extra goodies for bingo winners.