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Monthly Drawings

September Themed Drawing

The Theme for the SEPTEMBER Drawing will be Surprise {any collectible or tradeable topic or view}. Please send only collectable/tradeable, Near Mint to Mint Continental size Postcards. Make sure your cards are identified - name of topic or view. Do not send any cards that say "Florida Beach" or "Gulf Coast Beach" or "Tropical Beach Scene" or "Sunset at the Beach" - these are Generic. Cards that are not identified on the front or back are Generics - please don't send these.

If you wish to send in more than one entry - you may send multiple entries of 2 cards per entry in the same envelope or you can use seperate envelopes. Mark your envelopes "Themed Drawing" and make sure your return address is on the envelope.

2 Postcards per Entry.

The drawing will be the end of July or shortly thereafter. The winner will win all the postcards that were sent in for the drawing.

If you have any questions - post to the list