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UNESCO World Heritage

Name: Bonnie Jeanne
Location: Scituate, MA, USA


UNESCO World Heritage sites in any condition or size. Postmarked government buildings, mapcards and national theatres from the senders region. Unused mapcards, castles, lighthouses, political, landmarks, historic, identified scenics. Also, artcards postmarked only.
SIZE: Continental and larger. No diecuts.
TYPE: Modern cards only, color or black and white. Any type for UNESCO and postmarked cards.
Mint for all but UNESCO and postmarked cards.
Generic (beaches, un-named lakes, un-named mountains, etc.), free/rackcards unless political, multiviews unless UNESCO or mapcard, patriotic ("God Bless America," any chest-thumping card), 9/11 memorials, sentiment cards ("wish you were here").