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Name: Debbie
Location: Northern Illinois


Cemeteries:Tombstones/Headstones; Graveyards: Individual Graves; Prisons:Vintage Alcatraz; Asylums; Statue of Liberty: I do collect all Statue of Liberty postcards but specifically looking for complete view (as opposed to head or head/shoulders close-up); Mt. Rushmore: Especially vintage; Niagara Falls: Especially Vintage; Vintage/Art Nudes: Specifically female nudes and vintage only....includes painting reproductions; Vintage Women Portrait Postcards:(usually photo reproductions); Victorian Women; Betty Boop; Absolut; Windmills; Tornados; Vintage Holiday Postcards: Especially looking for Halloween; Famous People: All Celebrities except sports figures.; Movie Stars: Specifically looking for Burt Reynolds, Dennis Quaid, Paul Newman, Richard Gere, Jeremy Irons; Presidents: I collect all presidents but especially like William Jefferson Clinton, Ronald Reagon, George W. Bush; Movie Poster Postcards; Large Letter Postcards; Small Town Illinois: Specifically looking for standard or vintage postcards, but anything from small Illinois towns would be fine; Small Town Indiana: Specifically looking for Cedar Lake, Koontz Lake, Lowell, Crown Point, Hammond, St. John areas; Outhouses; Manatees; Whales