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Elephant with Handlers

Name: Eleanor Flatley
Location: USA


HORSE RACE TRACKS, HORSES, ELEPHANTS Aircraft, airport, Alaska, American and Canadian Indians, Amish, examples of good architecture, Fine Art cards, Australia, Barn, Bridge, Butterfly, Cactus, Castles/palace, church/cathedral, cats, coca cola, Coronado, CA and Hotel del Coronado, Court House, Disney, Famous People, Famous People's Homes, fantasy, fireworks over cities, flowers, fountain, ghost town, Hawaii, hot air balloon, Large Letter, legend, library, lighthouse, maps of countries, mailboxes, Mickey Mouse characters, mailbox, mining, monkeys(Primates), national parks, oilwells, oilrigs, piers, places of worship, planes, plantation, Pooh, Quilts, Rainbows, Recipe, Route 66, ruins, sandcastle, state capitols and the symbols for each state such as birds, flowers, flag, animal, state parks, stately homes/plantations, stadium/arena, sunflowers, trains, waterfalls, weather phenomena, wild animals, windmills, Winnie the Pooh, Zoos
SIZE: All sizes
TYPE: All Types
Any condition