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Welcome to PossumsPostcards,

This is not just another Postcard list. There is no "ListMom" here but rather a "ListDad".

We have CONTESTS that allow you to win free postcards - the WOOF contest, Possum Postcard LOTTO, PCARD BINGO and miscellaneous trivia questions, etc. Big Pappa Possum awards FREE postcards to the winners - a mix of collectable and tradeable postcards, or whatever he has available - the winning cards may be any size and in "very good" or better condition - used or unused.

We have several monthly swaps. These include a 1-card stamped swap, 4-card general, 4-card preferences only and a mega-swap. We also have a montly themed drawing. You are encouraged to advertise postcards you have available for private trades. There are always people looking for cards you may have, but don't need or want. The Possum list is a good place to do that.

Selling is not allowed on this list; however, if you participate in auctions (eBay, Yahoo, etc.), you may advertise your auctions one day per week, that day being MONDAY. The only requirement for being allowed to advertise is that you must be an active and participating member of Possum's Postcards. We don't require you to post daily, or even weekly, but it is a small group and to keep it interesting and friendly, you must post periodically. Total and complete lurking doesn't work out here. Negative posts to the list will get you unsubbed. If you haven't received postcards from someone - email them privately. If you continue to have trouble receiving postcards, email the ListDad and let him work his magic. Even so-called "friendly" posts complaining about swaps not received, are not allowed.

If you have to go on "No Mail" , notify the ListDad and let him know why and for how long.

*You must participate in one of the monthly swaps or the themed drawing each month to be eligible to win postcards.

If you wish to list your trading preferences on our Web Page - please post the following to the list with "WEB PAGE" in the subject line:

*Note: These are not my preferences - this is just an example for you to follow

  • Your Name, E-Mail (optional) and Country
  • TOPICS/VIEWS: City Views, Bridges, Lighthouses, Maps, Mountain Views, Transportation, Waterfalls and Cocker Spaniels.
  • SIZE: All sizes (standard, continental, modern and over-size) or Continental only or no over size etc.
  • TYPE: All Types (chromes, linens, real photos, white border, etc) or Chrome only or Chromes and Linens only.
  • CONDITION: Any condition, Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, Ex, Near-Mint and Mint or Near-Mint to Mint or Excellent to Mint , etc.
  • DISLIKES: Freecards, Rackcards, Generic, Risque, Multi-views.

Your list owner is Jerry and his favourite assistant is Charlie, his four legged friend. Charlie likes to let the list members know when he is awake :) and on the job.

Enjoy! It is great to have you with us and happy postcard trading.

Updated September 2, 2001