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Here are the members of Possums Postcards listed by location with a short listing of their collecting preferences. Themes in red are new to their list. Click on any member's name to get to the individual page with more in depth information about his/her collecting interests. You can also use the pop-up menu below to search for a member.



Lighthouses, Large Letter, state/country maps/capitals/symbols etc, CocaCola, Hot air balloons, awsome scenery from national/state parks and scenery in general and UNSECO sites. All sizes and types, especially love the larger panoramic ones and large shaped ones



Eleanor Flatley

Horse Race Tracks, Horses, Elephants, Aircraft, Indians, Amish, Fine Art cards, Australia, Bridge, Castles, Court House, Disney, Famous People, fireworks, Large Letter, lighthouse, maps, Recipe, Route 66, weather, animals, UNESCO World Heritage sites.



New Hampshire

Joyce H. LaPorte

Cemeteries, Maps, Recipes, Captials, Military/Space, Lighthouses, Covered Bridges, Stadiums, Street Views, Famous People Native American Indians, Racing, Animals, Presidents, City Views, New Hampshire cards, Texas particularly San Antonio. NASCAR or anything car racing and or race personalities.

New York

North Carolina

Melanie Morris

Superlatives ex: World's Largest, historical locations, landmarks-well known or not, presidents and presidential homes/libraries, trains/railroad related, airports/airlines, city views, state caps and maps, state/national forest or parks, landscapes, animals or plants, anything considered a tourist attraction, and multi views are fine. Just about anything/place as long as it is identified.


Kim Kline

Covered Bridges, Historic Places, Waterfalls, Lighthouses, Free Cards, Rack Cards, K Anderson, Manatee, Providence maps, Pandas, koalas, cats, dolphins, penguins, seals, whales, sea lions, animals, J F Kennedy and T Kinkade


Judy Andreason

Maps, caps, waterfalls, Alaska, Hawaii, scenic, stadiums and Universities.